Innovative Methods Consulting

We come up with innovative IT solutions to your problems.

Our Services


Empower your business with data insights through Graphical Information Systems (GIS), designed to reveal spatial patterns and drive informed decision-making.

Remote Sensing

Harness the power of the unseen with our remote sensing services, extracting valuable insights from Earth observation data for informed decision-making.


We help you understand trends and ideas in the Energy Sector, ranging from Renewables, to Nuclear. 

Digitalisation and AI

Bridge the gap between analog and tomorrow: Our digitalization and AI experts transform your business with intelligent automation and data-driven growth.

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About us

Innovative Methods Consulting provides IT services to a multitude of different clients, in the past we have served:

  • NGO's, Humanitarian and Emergency Response Agencies,
  • Oil Companies and Mining Industries,
  • Governmental Institutes and Military,
  • United Nations and International Organisations.